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Trapani sale di Gucciardo Vincenzo

It is produced by our Saltwork called "moranella"or "chiusa". The Saltwork was built in 1884 and placed in thè nature reserve of Trapani runned by WWF. It is based on thè exploitatìon of nature elements such as thè evaporation of thè sea water, thè sun and thè wind. The salt is collected and packed by hand following traditional methods; it isn't washed and doesn't have any chemical treatment; it maintains ali its trace elements such as magnesium and iodine and guarantees that efficiency and quality which characterize thè Sea Salt of Trapani. Both fine and coarse, salt can be packed in packets weighing up to 25 Kilos < >. Sea Salt for food use - NATURAI. SEA SALT. It is produca through thè naturai evaporation of thè uncontaminat| Sicilian sea water, It is collected by hand and pack without additives or granulose elements, In additìon, it doesn't have insoluble refuse. The modern theoriesabout corred nutrition tend to support its perfect balance of minerai salt because it contains less Sodium Chloride, more Potassiun and Magnesium than thè common salt. Just a small amount of it is enough to sali food. The presence of Magnesium, Potassium, lodine, Fluorine, Sulphur, Iron and Calcium make it more soluble and complete in trace elements. Magnesium is an important element because it legulates thè hearth activìty, supports thè artérial circulation, makes Calcium precipitate and helps to prevent our body Irom thè renai calculus. Magnesium isalso advised forthose who suffer from bone and nnuscular problems. Chromìum is essential for our metabolism; lodine prevents thè thyroid gland from decompensation whereas Fluorine, even though just a little quantity of it is present, is efficacious for ìeethhèalth.

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