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Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari spa

One hundred years of History

Callipo boasts an ancient history characterized by the sea, men and a passion for quality. It began in Pizzo (VV) back in 1913, when its founder Giacinto established the company, the first in Calabria and one of the first in Italy to can premium Mediterranean Tuna.

Quality before all else: that is the mission that Callipo set out to pursue from its establishment, so as to offer its customers exclusive, guaranteed, tasty products. And it was so successful in this goal that in 1926 it was awarded the License of “Official Supplier” by the Real Casa.

The company is now headed, with the same passion and far-sightedness as it was in the past, by Filippo Callipo, who represents the fourth generation of the family. In his hands, Callipo enjoyed an increase in turnover and has further established itself on the national and foreign market. Filippo Callipo is now head of a group of companies made up of six companies, with around 300 employees.

To this day, Callipo remains one of the few distribution companies at the national level to carry out all stages of the processing exclusively in Italy , from its own plant at Maierato (VV).

In 2013, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary, a unique event that not only represents a target successfully achieved but also a new objective for the future.

It obtained a number of different acknowledgements to mark this important event.

First of all, it was granted a special postmark by the Italian Postal Service. On the day of its hundredth anniversary, the 14th January 2013, the Italian Postal Service marked celebratory postmarks with the stamp, affixing the special postmark. The four designs selected represent the Tuna-fishing Nets of Pizzo, the Callipo Plant at Marina di Pizzo in 1923, the Cooking of the Slices in 1957, and the Topping Up of the Oil in the tuna cans.
Even the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, joined in on the celebrations. Dedicating his own commemorative plaque to Callipo, he expressed hearty appreciation for the company’s unending commitment and hard work, and its efforts to hand down and revive the experience of an invaluable entrepreneurial tradition.

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