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Firriato Distribuzione srl

With the revival of Sicilian wines, Firriato began implementing a project during the nineties designed to safeguard and restore the island’s varied land. The first estates in the countryside of Trapani were added to over time by the acquisition of Cavanera on Etna and Calamoni on the island of Favignana. Piece by piece, the Di Gaetano family has built up a mosaic of inestimable value for the entire Sicilian wine making industry and now offers a complete overview of the extent of the Sicilian terroir through its wines. Firriato’s philosophy is based on great respect for the land in which it operates, because wines of excellent quality, capable of filling the glass with the distinctive sensory characteristics that reflect the terroir of origin, can only be obtained by gaining a thorough knowledge of every single section of the vineyard.


Firriato’s estates encompass a complete map of the various types of terroir found in Sicily and are composed as follows: the estates in the countryside of Trapani, hectares of land stretching as far as the eye can see, nestled in the hills of a Sicilian countryside marked by an age-old tradition in agriculture, where the cultivation of vines has accompanied and marked the lives of its inhabitants since time immemorial; the Cavanera estate on Etna, a unique and singular terroir, where man has always practiced a heroic form of mountain viticulture, respecting the majestic force of the volcano that is its host; and finally the Calamoni estate on the island of Favignana, where a heroic form of coastal viticulture is practiced, battling against impracticable weather conditions caused by the close influence of the sea. Firriato’s latest acquisitions, the estates on Etna and Favignana, are the perfect reflection of a Sicilia that is, geographically speaking, poles apart. They practice two completely different viticultures, coastal and mountain, but they possess the strength to coexist and develop within that production philosophy of oenological excellence and valorisation of the land that Firriato has always striven for and desired. The wines produced on Etna and Favignana are rare pearls that Firriato is collecting in line with a wine-producing strategy focused on the observation and development of frontier territories for niche market, top-quality wines.

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