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Feudo Maccari

The adventure of Antonio Moretti Cuseri in Sicily begins in 2000, with the purchase of the first mounds (Sicilian units equal to 1,744 square meters). Step by step he puts together the land of more than fifty owners, creating one of the most interesting of the island that has in Maccari its beating heart.

Welcome to Feudo Maccari, more than 170 hectares extending in the Val di Noto, in the Eastern Sicily.
Over 50 hectares of vineyards, many of which have more than thirty years and are placed on different terrains and levels to guarantee the preservation of a general equilibrium, the Feudo includes a guest house, a few houses, a tasting room and, of course, the wine cellar.
All around the nature expresses its luxuriance and the fertile soils of white and black volcanic land produce oranges, lemons, cherry tomatoes, greens and vegetables, olives.

The grapes of these areas has a name and an election territory: Nero d’Avola, exclusively head-trained (“ad alberello”). Grape variety of ancient traditions and today particularly popular, it is certainly one of the most interesting vine of Sicily and it is characterized by its structure, intensity and roundness of fruit, along with its aging capacity.
According to quantity, second wine is the Grillo, followed by Syrah, also planted “ad alberello”.
The production also includes the Sultana, a small spit of land cultivated with Zibibbo and Moscato.

Particularly suitable for hot and windy climates, the “alberello” is one of the oldest and most natural grapes growing techniques :it calls for a high density of plants, 5,500 per hectare, the decisive factor for the quality of the grapes and,in a second moment, for the wine.

Craftsmanship and high quality are the distinctive characteristics of the wines produced in Feudo Maccari: the particular “alberello” cultivation requires great care and skills to ensure the international recognition that the wines of Antonio Moretti Cuseri have obtained over the years.

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