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About us

I Mercati di Giù retails internationally Italian food products. We search for niche and organic foods from the best companies in Sicily and Italy, to provide our customers the best examples of Italian excellence.

The project builds on the experience and passion for good food of Prezzemolo&Vitale Group, a retail chain always focused on promoting Sicilian and Italian culinary culture through its food stores in Palermo and London.

Our goal is to create a synergy with the manufacturers serving not only as distributors, but directly promoting the products on our online store, thus avoiding all the passages that raise retail prices. We want to create a fast track between producer and consumer.

On the online store you can find lines of product carefully selected to offer superior quality food at the same price of a large-scale commercial product.

With this purpose in mind and thanks to the help of the best companies in Sicily, we also created GiùGiù brand, designed to make it bring on the Italian and international market the best products and regional specialties of Sicily.





Via Noto, 10
T. 091 721 9221
Opening times: mon/sat 7.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30

Via G. Di Marzo 39
T. 091 782 8192
Opening times: mon/satlun/sab 7.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30
Via P.pe di Palagonia 14
T. 091 681 7480
Opening times: mon/sat 7.30-14 16.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30

Via P.pe di Villafranca 20b
T. 091 612 3837
Opening times: mon/sat 7.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30

Via Sciuti 138
T. 091 304 094
Opening times: mon/sat 7.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30

Via Aquileia 80
Viale Regione Siciliana 4267 – 4291
T. 091 227559
Opening times: mon/sat 7.30-20.30
sun: 8.30-13.30


388 King’s Road
Chelsea, London SW3 5UZ
T. +44 2073499954
Opening times: mon/sat 8-20
sun: 8-20
Mercato Metropolitano
44 Newington Causeway 
London SE16DR
T. +44 (0)7778067221
Opening times: tue/sun 11-23
closed on monday